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California Will Contest

In order to contest a will in California you must have standing and you must present a valid legal reason for the contest.


To determine standing in a will contest it must be shown that you have a financial stake in the outcome of the contest. Examples of people who have standing to challenge a will are people named in the will, people who are named in an older will, or people who would have benefited had the decedent died intestate (i.e. had no will).

Valid Legal Reason

Contested wills in California need a valid legal reason for the contest. One reason to contest a will is that the will is not valid because of lack of due execution. In order for a will to be valid it is required that attested wills be signed by the testator and witnessed by two disinterested witnesses or that the will is a holographic will (i.e. handwritten by the testator).

Additional valid legal reasons for a will contest include undue influence, lack of capacity, duress, menace, revocation, forgery, misrepresentation, fraud and mistake.

Undue influence occurs when someone close to the testator used their position to influence the testator to include them in the will. An example would be a caretaker that the decedent was dependent upon who receives all or a large part of the estate to the detriment of someone who would normally receive, such as a spouse or child.

Lack of capacity requires evidence that the testator lacked the soundness of mind to understand what they were doing.

Duress has to do with the testator being unlawfully confined or detained when creating the will.

Menace deals with threats to the testator that lead to them creating the will.

Revocation comes into play if it can be shown that the testator revoked the will that is being probated.

Objection to Probate of the Will

If you can show standing and you have a valid legal reason for the contest then you will need to file an objection to probate of the will with the court. CPC §8250

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