California Advance Health Care Directive

An Advanced Health Care Directive, also known as a healthcare power of attorney or California living will, provides a road map for doctors, family, and friends on your end of life wishes. The directive allows your agent to make important health care decisions and personal care decisions for you if you lack the capacity to do so. Essentially, you make the decisions ahead of time so that your family and friends are spared the pain of having to make potentially life ending decisions if you lack the capacity to make those decisions for yourself. Note: it is important that your health care directive contain the appropriate Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996 (HIPAA) language otherwise your agent may run into resistance trying to act on your behalf. If you have not had your trust documents reviewed by an attorney in the last 7 years it might be time to do so. Contact your local California Advance Health Care Directive lawyer today.