Comprehensive Estate Planning

At the Law Offices of Jack B. Friedell, we take great pride in formulating estate plans focused on the preservation of assets and the avoidance of estate tax. This is accomplished through sharing knowledge with our clients, explaining the complex nuances of an estate plan, and listening to the needs and concerns of each and every client.

Due to the complexity of comprehensive California estate planning, we do not recommend that anyone create their own trust. The risk (probate) is too high. Instead, an estate plan should be crafted by a skilled California estate planning lawyer so that you can have peace of mind knowing your family, business, assets, and legacy are secure.

Our Estate Planning services include both simple and complex drafting of Trusts and Wills, Estate Tax Planning, IRA, 401(K) Planning and Evaluation, Transfers of Real Estate and Business Interests, Pour Over Wills, Powers of Attorney, and Advance Health Care Directives/Living Wills. We also provide restatements and amendments to existing Trusts as needed.

If you have not reviewed your estate plan in the last five years you might want to consider sitting down with an North County estate planning attorney to make sure your documents are up to date with current estate planning laws. You may also need to update you estate plan if you have had another child, if a beneficiary has passed, you have gone through a divorce, or recently relocated to a new state.

For more information on comprehensive estate planning, click on a topic to the right to discover what a typical estate plan from the Law Offices of Jack B. Friedell will include. You can also click here to visit our online estate planning learning center.